2019 workshop PREVIEW

Big Dramatic Questions has a great line up of artists coming to teach at STUDIO AHA for 2019. Let loose your creative energy and permit yourself the time to do what you need to nurture your soul. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the artists coming to teach in 2019… 

  • CHRISTINA LOVISA - More innovative and exciting workshops with Christina Lovisa.  There is nothing that this girl cannot do and no medium that she has not taken on.  Her workshops invariably sell out in short order.  *Two spots just freed up for the November 2018 workshop and are there for the taking in the event you want to see what Christina has to offer before waiting until 2019.

  • DEBRA FRITTS - a beautiful sculptress from Abiqui New Mexico, who will be coming on June 17,  2019 to conduct a five day intensive workshop in the clay figure. I was a student in one of her workshops in 2018 and was captivated by Debra and her teaching.  Her work is to die for!  (I Had to buy the piece she worked on during that workshop as she took us through the various stages of sculpting the bust). You will come away from Debra’s workshop not only having met incredible people but also having made a substantial sculpture.  Absolutely no prior experience is needed.  Debra will teach you all you need to know.  You have no idea what creative ability is already within you! We all have it.

  • FRANK SHELTON - a multi-talented artist who will be accompanying Debra Fritts (he’s her husband) for her workshop.  He will teach us work he does in multi media three dimensional figures.  Debra and Frank are a real treasure — not just as artists and instructors, but as authentic souls pursuing their passions fully. So inspiring!  Not to mention, the conversation is captivating from the Southwest desert.  I called Debra recently and she told me she could not speak to me at that time because she had ‘four bulls” in her front yard. Don’t you think “Four Bulls in My Front Yard” would be a great title for a new body of work?!

  • LEAH MACDONALD - Leah’s an artist based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She will be coming back to STUDIO AHA to teach her encaustic photography again in 2019.  Leah  is on the leading edge of this new marriage of encaustic painting and photography.  In the last year Leah’s own work has just taken off like a rocket! She is definitely riding high on a beam of inspiration.  In this workshop you will work with a live model.  You will be taught how to edit and manipulate your own photography before taking out the wax to enhance your masterpiece! Leah’s 2018 workshop sold out very quickly!

  • TORY BROKENSHIRE - Tori is from the west coast of the United States.  She is so well known in her own country that she told me this summer, “tongue in cheek”, that she has taught everyone in the States who wanted to know anything about assemblage and Santos Dolls.  Accordingly, she said that she was not going to teach her workshops in the States any longer (we will see how long that lasts, ha ha!).  I had the wonderful experience of taking her course in Seattle, and made some beautiful pieces out of electrical boxes, baked clay, rusty components and various ephemera. Tory specifically requested to come to STUDIO AHA to teach her workshop in Canada, as she is excited about meeting a new tribe of artistic explorers and seeing our country.  This type of offer comes around but once —  I couldn’t say no!

There are plenty of other surprises in the works, which will be formally announced in the next month. So stay tuned!

We are so excited for our first lineup of 2018 workshops starting on November 5 with Leah Macdonald followed by a class with the extraordinary Lorraine Glessner.  

STUDIO AHA was created for YOU!  If you have any suggestions for Open Studios you wish to see, or other instructors you wish to learn from, please forward those comments to us and we will do all we can to accommodate you!

 If you have a group of people who wish to spend a day or two (or three!) together at STUDIO AHA in the beautiful region of Collingwood/Blue Mountain, please contact me, Heather Laidlaw, and we can put together a special workshop retreat just for you!  The sky is the limit.  It is all about imagination and allowing yourself to explore your dreams — and Big Dramatic Questions has the Space for you to do that!

Much love and light,

Heather Laidlaw