In the last decade or so, I have learned how very important it is to keep our souls nourished. When our spirits become buried under layers of “to dos”, our purpose and joy in life suffer.

It was on my first art retreat in Mexico years ago, that I re-connected with my creative energy and passion. It was a remarkable transformation for me.

It is my cherished vision to help others experience the same joyful transformation I had when my mind gave itself over to the creative process.  Once in creative energy, there are infinite possibilities that await you, and they do not always come in the form of a physical masterpiece (although that happens too).  I am passionate about art and its process and I am committed to sharing and bringing it to you. 

The studio is named AHA. The business is Big Dramatic Questions. As you move through your artistic process you will be facing Big (and little) Questions, some Dramatic and some not so much, but as artists don’t you think drama is more appropriate?

I hope to see you soon. Much love and light,

- Heather Laidlaw