My AHA moment came shortly after Christina Lovisa told us to stop what we were doing, look around and find a piece of scrap on the floor and collage it into our art work.  That forced us to respond spontaneously and push us out of our comfort zone.  I had only tidied up my area and there was an open page with the word "freedom" on it; I have never put words into any of my works because I feel they are too obvious and even kitschy.  However, I decided to do it because that was the only thing around me.  After I pasted the word, the meaning of the painting suddenly came to me - it was my freedom.  Without being conscious of it, I had embedded images and symbols that were comfortable to me and then layered over them.  The forced word of Freedom was the final piece that encapsulated what was on my mind - the need to reject the restrictive traditions, material trappings and formality.  It sounds crazy, almost cliche, but I will forever be able to go back to that moment and draw freedom from it.

— Dana Ho