Where the Two Worlds Collide

WITH Christina Lovisa

NOVEMBER 30 - December 2, 2018


Where the Two Worlds Collide: breaking through the ceiling of creative blocks and capacity.

What is your creative ceiling?  Do you find yourself running into the same blocks in your art-making time and time again? Would you like to know how far you could take your creative self if you could only quiet your mind? Or, are you a newbie to mixed media and/or encaustic and would like to learn how to fast-forward past the headaches of not knowing where to begin? 

In Christina's 15 years of teaching, she has realized that these questions are the common thread among artists seeking to go deeper in their processes.  Through her mentoring program, she has come to understand her own process for breaking through creative blocks and patterns which prevent her art from going further, deeper, higher.  Through her Two Worlds Collide program, she has taught artists how to transition a painted mixed media piece into an encaustic one.  In this brand new 3-day workshop, Where the Two Worlds Collide, she brings these two parts of her teaching/being, together. You will learn techniques to quiet the mind and converse with the creative-Divine while learning and implementing the process of the TWC program.  

Day one will include a very powerful, yet unorthodox meditation, and some art-exercises to break old patterns and discover new ones. Often it is the result of these exercises that find their way into your finished works of art.

Days two and three will be spent creating mixed media art and seamlessly transitioning them into encaustic pieces.  This transformative workshop is designed for you to make art, lots of it, while busting through your self-imposed ceiling or limits. 

Where the Two Worlds Collide goes beyond the expectation of a 3-day art workshop; part meditation, part technique and tools class, part studio and part life-altering experience.  Be prepared for change.  Be open to it and welcome it in.  This workshop is well suited to all levels of experience (or lack thereof).

DATES: November 30 - December 2, 2018 (3 full days)

INVESTMENT: $825 Canadian (+ tax)  *Includes lunch each day


WHAT TO BRING:  Mixed media ephemera and images are fun to use and incorporate.  There will be plenty on hand but if you'd like to really personalize your work, then bring collage papers, laser-copied images in varying sizes in B&W and colour. If you have mixed media supplies you love, bring them unless they are acrylic or latex based, then they won't work for our purposes.


  • Wood substrates (any size)

  • One pound wax medium (clear)

  • Brushes for paints/ wax and water based

  • Mark-making tools of all kinds

  • Collage material

  • Coloured waxes, pan pastels, neo colours etc, oil sticks *No acrylic based mediums

  • Chalk paints will be made available for the workshop and purchase, but you are free to bring your own. Similarly matt medium will be available but you can bring Modge Podge or your own brand of non acrylic adhesive.


ABOUT Christina

Christina Lovisa, a native to Canada’s Capital city, Ottawa, is a self-taught! contemporary, mixed media artist. Working in a broad range of mediums, from! encaustic (beeswax) to acrylic paints and ‘found object assemblage’, she! produces a varied range of artworks suited to her client’s needs or simply to! satisfy her own primal instinct - to create. Her paintings have been in shows and! galleries in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and New York City. She has an! international clientele, which includes Cirque du Soleil and the Michel Jackson estate, who represent both her original works and art prints, taking them to to clients around the globe.

Christina’s inspiration is intrinsic to her being. She feels she’s merely a vessel, translating the currents of expression that flow through her into tangible pieces to be experienced. These creations are produced through an organic, collaborative merger of tactile elements. Transparencies, wax, flame and blade help to cut through the surface and expose the weathered stories within. She is constantly expanding her knowledge of different mediums, looking to find further ways to release the creative flow. The spontaneity of endless ideas guides her hands.

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